Christo Design Further Diagnostic Questions and Some Fix Suggestions 3. If the Drive Initially Lights and Then “Dies”: With removable laptop drive, pull it out and shove it back in solidly. With removable laptop drive, also try cleaning the contacts of the drive with a pencil eraser. With a PC, unplug the machine and pull the data and power cables and then firmly reseat them. If the drive functions perfectly well without an indicator light, the drive light may be defective. Failure to light up may indicate a problem with the inner workings of the drive, such as a short in the drive motor, drive train or laser or some kind of electrical failure in any of those three. In that case you probably need to replace the drive. You can also purchase and use a "CD Lens Cleaner" or use a compressed air cleaner to see if a lack of a drive light has to do with a dirty laser. Click on the following link to see the product description for a CD laser lens cleaner from Allsop on Amazon rated 4 out of 5 stars and cost around $12: Allsop CD Laser-Lens Cleaner . You can also purchase these special CDs at computer and office supply stores and online for $2-$20. Here are more CD and DVD lens cleaners . BACK