About My name is Paul Pruitt.  I've been in IT support for 15 years.  I hold MCP, A+, Net+, HDI Helpdesk, ITIL Foundations Version II Certifications. Here are my other websites: &¦8226; 25 Steps to a Faster Computer - 25 steps for improving how fast your computer runs. &¦8226; A Sketch of an 8 Part Plant Hormone Theory - plant hormone theory. &¦8226; Genealogy of Life - genealogy of life on earth. &¦8226; S2 Press - the books I publish including my mother's book. &¦8226; S2 Services Data Recovery Freeware List - my list of data recovery freeware. &¦8226; S2 Services Freeware - my freeware. &¦8226; Socrtwo's Gateway - some links to computer tutorials, artwork I have done, scientific ideas etc. &¦8226; Where Have You Been All Your Life - click on countries and states to color where you have visited.