Christo Design Further Diagnostic Questions and Some Fix Suggestions 1.   If the CD/DVD Drive Door Will Not Open: See if the tray is obstructed. Stick a straightened out paper clip in the little hole and try to push out the tray. With removable laptop drive, pull it out and shove it back in solidly. With removable laptop drive, also clean the contacts of the drive with a pencil eraser. With a PC, unplug the machine and pull the data and power cables and then reseat them firmly, being sure to connect completely. With a volt meter, test the power cable going to the drive. It should have two wires with a 5 volt ~1 amp circuit and the other two with a 12 volt ~1 amp circuit. From these tests, you can determine if the drive is mechanically and electrically sound and if the power supply needs replacement. Note that there are usually several spare power supply drive leads which can be tested and used to replace a faulty one. Purchase and use a "CD Lens Cleaner" or use a compressed air cleaner can to clean out the drive. BACK